Neuer Termin!!!!  17. bis 21. November


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Koblenz Open Wildcard Turnier vom 17. bis 21. November
bei BASE Tennis und Playsight in Höhr-Grenzhausen bei Koblenz mit DTB Wertung A5: Preisgeld 1.750 Euro

Ausgespielt werden die Wildcards für die Koblenz Open 2018 vom 14. bis 21. Januar.

Diese Wildcards könnt Ihr Euch erspielen:
1 x Einzel Hauptfeld Wildcard (Gewinner Hauptfeld)
2 x Einzel Qualifikation Wildcard (2. Platz Hauptrunde, Gewinner Spiel um Platz drei Hauptrunde, Gewinner Nebenrunde)
1 x Doppel Hauptfeld Wildcard
Nenngeld 90 Euro Einzel und 40 Euro Doppel je Spieler
Einzel 32er Feld mit Nebenrunde
Doppel 32er Feld


Was ist im Preis enthalten: s.u.



Koblenz Open wildcard Tournament from October 19 - 22. at BASE Tennis and Playsight in Höhr-Grenzhausen near to Koblenz. You play for the wildcards for the Koblenz open 2018 from 14. - 21. of january


These Wildcards you can gain:
1 x Single Maindraw Wildcard

2 x Single Qualification Wildcard (For the finalist maindraw, winner of game of third place)
1 x Double Maindraw Wildcard


Entry Fee: 90 Euro singles and 40 Euro doubles each Player
If you play singles and doubles you have to pay 110 Euro instead of 130 Euro.

Draw Singles: 32 Players with consolation round
Draw Doubles: 32 pairs

Benefits from Playsigth included in the entry fee:
-Every match will be filmed with our smart courts and made available to all players.
- The service is free and can be viewed, on the players laptops and smart phones/tablets
- The PlayFair challenge will be implemented, and players will have the opportunity to challenge calls made by their opponent and call the referee to decide the outcome.
- Players will receive full statistics and break down of the matches and are able to analyse the matches after each round.
- All data belongs to the players and may be shared with whoever they wish.